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Piano tuning
Dampp-Chaser Certified Installer

Fine tuning: $125​
Tuning is the most frequently required service that a piano needs, typically two or three times per year for the average user. Pianos go out of tune mostly due to changes in humidity; when ambient humidity increases, moisture is absorbed by the soundboard and the piano's overall pitch raises, and the opposite happens when humidity decreases.  Aggressive playing, quality of design, and structural integrity of the piano are also factors. A typical piano tuning appointment takes about 90 minutes.
​Pitch correction and tuning: $165
Over the years, pianos that are not tuned will significantly deviate from concert pitch, and a pitch raise, or "rough tuning," will be required in addition to a fine tuning. This is due to the fact that a large pitch change back to A-440 will not result in a stable tuning. If your piano has not been tuned within the past 12 months, or it is not located in a climate controlled room, please expect that this extra service may be required and allow extra time for it to be performed (at least two hours). 

Dampp-Chaser: $475-$775*

To keep your piano in tune longer, the humidity around it must be controlled; keeping the temperature constant is not enough! There are a few ways to accomplish this, but the quietest and most affordable way is installing a Dampp-Chaser system in the piano. Over the past 60 years, thousands of churches, music schools, and professional musicians have benefited from Dampp-Chaser products. These systems are recommended by virtually every piano manufacturer and credible tuner-technician. 

*Estimate includes labor, but excludes shipping. Most uprights will cost less than $500. Grands under 7' will typically cost $510. Concert grands, due to system complexity and additional parts, may cost up to $775.


​Inspection/written evaluation: $150

If you are new to buying or selling pianos, the process can be confusing and time consuming because there are so many choices and seemingly conflicting information about those choices. As a technician and pianist, I can make your decision much more straightforward. Upon completion of my inspection, you will receive a written report with photos, if necessary. Out of state prospective pianos welcome! 

Grand piano cleaning
​Grand/upright cleaning: $70/hour
If the inside of your grand piano is dirty, I can clean it. Using special tools, I remove dust from the soundboard and plate. The piano's keyboard is removed from the piano so that the key bed can be cleaned and lubricated. Lastly, the keys are removed from the keyboard in order to vacuum debris that is otherwise inaccessible, and all key pins are polished and lubricated to enhance playing responsiveness. This service is best done before your piano is tuned.


Grand piano action
Piano keys

Action regulation/repairs: $70/hour

Your piano's mechanics need to be regulated periodically in order to maintain proper function.This is largely due to the inevitable compaction of various felt and buckskin surfaces in the action parts over time. If you feel that playing your piano is cumbersome, your piano's action may need adjustment. 

Keyboard services: Inquire
  • Key bushing replacement
  • New key tops (Acrylic, Ivoplast, Tharan)*
  • Action rebuilding
  • Touch-weight correction
​*At this time, these services are sub-contracted to other business who specialize in this work. Please inquire for details.


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