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  • PTG Registered Piano Technician.
  • College and University technician.
  • Master of Music in piano performance.
  • Frequent concert tuning for professional musicians/high-profile artists.
  • Experience tuning concert & artist rental pianos.
  • Certified Dampp-Chaser installer.
  • Former editor of the PTG Chicago Chapter's monthly publication, The Wippenpost.
Piano technology training & development:
2009-2011: Piano tuning  and technology training with Mark Cramer, RPT, head piano technician at Brandon University and senior technical consultant at the Banff Centre for the Arts.

2012-present: Member of the Chicago Chapter PTG
PTG Annual Convention:
2012- Belleview, WA
2013- Chicago, IL
2014- Atlanta, GA
2015- Denver, CO
2018- Lancaster, PA
2019- Tucson, AZ
2021- Orlando, FL
PTG Regional Convention:
2014- Davenport, IA
Notable piano industry networking and travels:

 Hurstwood Farm Piano Studios, UK- March, 2009; August, 2010; May 2011
 Bösendorfer factory, AT- March, 2009
Atlantic Music Center, USA- April 2010
Steingraeber & Söhne factory, DE- August, 2010
Germanisches National Museum, DE- August 2010
Fandrich & Sons, USA- December, 2010
Ravenscroft Pianos, USA- April, 2011
Steinway Hall London, UK- May, 2011
Fandrich Piano Company, USA- February, 2012
Piano education:
1993-2005: Studied piano with Chris Garofalo, M.Mus.
2005-2008: B.Mus. piano study with Dr. Michael Kim, at Lawrence University, in Appleton, WI.
2008-2009: B.Mus. piano study with Emma Tahmiziàn, M.Mus., at Lawrence University.
2009-2011: M.Mus. piano study with Dr. Michael Kim, Dean of Music, at Brandon University in Brandon, MB, Canada.

2010: Studied with Emma Tahmiziàn at the Sulzbach-Rosenberg International Music Festival, in Sulzbach-Rosenberg, BY, Germany.
Bösendorfer, Boesendorfer
Bösendorfer, Boesendorfer

Left: Bösendorfer concert grand in the finishing department at the factory. Weiner-Neustadt, AT, 2009

Right: Bösendorfer cast iron frames at the factory. Weiner-Neustadt, AT, 2009

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