My current service area is the greater Chicago area. If you are an existing customer or have a regularly serviced piano, you can now book online! Clients who have not booked online before will have to enter their info and wait for me to approve them before online scheduling. Note: If you would like to fill an opening and it is within 36 hours, please call or text. 

For emergency requests and pianos that may need more involved work, please contact me at or phone/text 630-738-0079. 
Failed appointment policy: Any appointment that was made, but did not allow the opportunity to service the piano, will be considered a failed appointment. This includes: the customer cancelling within 24 hours of the appointment, the customer forgetting the appointment, or any person the customer arranged to allow access fail to do so, etc. Exceptions are made for illness, injury, and other family emergencies.
The fee for a failed appointment is one-half of the expected service fee. For a typical tuning appointment, which is currently $125, the fee for a failed appointment would be $63. Others in this business choose to have higher rates for everyone and not charge for failed appointments, but we believe it is fairer to follow the policy outlined here.
Thank you for your understanding.

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