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Maintaining consistent humidity is an essential part of piano maintenance. Dampp-Chaser Piano Life Saver Systems are the best way to protect a piano from the devastating effects of humidity changes, such as tuning instability, sluggish keys & actions, and cracked soundboards & bridges. Over the past 60 years, thousands of churches, music schools, conservatories, and professional musicians have benefited from Dampp-Chaser products. These systems are recommended by virtually every piano manufacturer and credible tuner-technician. Available systems listed below. Prices include cost and shipping of system, installation. It is recommended to wait three weeks after installation before tuning is done, at additional cost. Consumer-friendly, flexible payment options are available.


5-PS-50-SB Upright system- $780

For most upright pianos.

G6-PS-50-SB Grand piano system- $850

Typically for grand pianos 7' and shorter.

BSV8PS-SB Backside upright system- $1010

When uprights cannot accommodate the 5PS-50-SB system,  the BSV8PS-SB system is required. Instruments that require the backside system include:

​Boston 118 E​

Steinway K​

Steinway C993​

Steinway 100​

Steinway 1045​

Steinway 1098​

Kawai 706 I​

Kawai CX​

Kawai K-50 E​

Kawai 502 M​

Kawai UST 8​

Yamaha U3

G7-PS-50-SB Concert grand system- $1155

For grand pianos longer than 7'.

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