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Pianos are complicated machines that require thorough evaluation by a professional technician to accurately assess their condition. If you are new to buying or selling pianos, the process can be confusing and time-consuming because there are so many choices and endlessly conflicting information about those choices. As a technician and pianist, I can make your decision much more straightforward. 

Technical inspection & verbal report- $120

This service includes a thorough 50+ point inspection of a piano's structural and mechanical components. Upon completion of the inspection, a verbal summary of the piano's condition and estimated financial value will be provided. If the piano is to be tuned, a condensed verbal condition report will be provided free of charge, by request.

Technical Inspection & written report- $170

 For clients who need a more formal assessment, a written report, including relevant photos can be provided. The final report is typically provided within one  week from the date of inspection. You can see an example of a written assessment here.

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